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Privacy policy including Specific personal information protection

Our office makes an effort to protect the personal information which is obtained on the procedure of implementation of our work, and our office plans the following Privacy policy and comply with them completely, in order to recognize the importance of personal information protection and treat those personal information properly and safety.

1. Compliance with Related Law, Regulation and Guideline etc.

Our office complies with law and regulation related with personal information protection, law and regulation related with the usage of Number for identification of specific person on governmental administrative procedure (herein referred to as “Numbering law”) and Guideline and other norm and rule in each law and regulation, with regard to the treatment of personal information.

2. About Obtaining of Personal Information

Our office obtains personal information by means of legality and fairness.

3. About Personal information Usage

(1) Our office uses personal information, to the extent of usage purpose indicated at the time of obtaining its personal information, and to the extent of work necessity.

(2) Our office researches strictly about the Third Party which is delegated our work, and then, exercises necessary and properly supervision for keeping safety management of personal information, in case that our office delegates to treat its personal information to such Third Party.

4. About Disclosure of personal information to the Third party

Our office never disclose personal information except the specific allowed personal information toward the Third Party without prior consent by its person himself, except the case that the disclosure must be duty on the provision in law and regulation.

5. Management of Personal Information and/or Specific Personal Information

(1) Our office manages personal information and/or specific personal information safely.

(2) Our office takes safety management action for the protection from Loss, Destroy, Falsification and Leak on personal information and/or specific personal information.

(3) Our office never leak personal information and/or specific personal information due to the measure of external taking out and/or transmitting.

6. About Disclosure, Amendment, Suspend of Usage and Elimination on possessing personal data

Our office confirms that the person himself has the right of requesting disclosure, amendment, suspend of usage and elimination on his own personal data, and responds sincerely to such person, when such person requests such disclosure, amendment, suspend and elimination.

7. Continuous Improvement

Our office familiarizes our employee and other related persons with implementation of this policy, and also maintains to implement this policy and improve our mind continuously to achieve this policy.

8. About Treatment of Specific Personal Information etc.

Specific personal information etc. in limited the usage purpose by Numbering law. Our office never try to obtain and/or use beyond its purpose, and also never disclose such specific personal information etc. to the Third party, except the case allowed by Numbering law.

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